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Santa Claus for Paradise Grill

Pass a Grill Santa Claus

In 2019 Santa Ken put on his best Beach Santa shorts and straw hat and enjoyed spending time with children at Paradise Grill. If you were there, you may even remember that Santa Ken arrived on his electric bike with Music playing, lights flashing and Christmas Spirit Flowing! Not only did Santa Ken spend time entertaining the children, but he also posed for photos with many pets!

Feeding The Fosters Christmas Minis

On November 6th, Emily Hite Photography will be hosting a festive outdoor Mini Photo Session with Foster Families at no cost to the families. Santa Ken will also be volunteering his time and giving a small gift to each of the 100 children expected to attend. There are still a few early morning time slots available. The Holiday Mini Sessions with Santa will be set up in Largo Central Park. This very special event is gift from Emily Hite and her family to some children who might not get to make a memory like this on their own. Santa Ken is prepared for some really hard questions from the children in Foster Care. This group is often left out of special opportunities like this Christmas Photo Mini Session.

Santa Claus for your Pediatric Hospital and Hospice needs.

Christmas In July fundraising at Tampa General Hospital

Christmas events in July are a treat for Santa Ken from the Tierra Verde, St Petersburg Florida area, especially when he gets to spend time with the children at Tampa General Hospital. You and your family can Hire Real Santa Ken as well. It’s easy to have Santa Ken spend time with your little ones in a Virtual Santa Claus Event. But one day this summer it was about helping to raise some money for the Tampa General Hospital Foundation and to deliver some toys and Santa Claus Magic to some very sick little Elves.

Santa Claus Christmas in July

Santa Ken had a very special helper at Tampa General Hospital. Belle the Therapy Dog is a true Princess. Santa spent time with over 40 Children. He met one very sick little elf who weighed 8 pounds and some other very sick boys and girls. Sometimes Santa feels like he does good work, but today He was reminded that the real hero’s work in Pediatrics everyday of the year. Santa was humbled by them.

The Staff also had fun saying Ho Ho Ho with Santa! This is the Peds ICU TEAM. From the Doctors to the Nurses, Social Workers, Child Life team , Housekeepers, Nutrition Services Team to my Santa’s Friend Lia Marie from the TGH Foundation everyone had fun! THESE PEOPLE are champions, one and all. The Day of the Christmas in July Event Raised $28,000 to support the Child Life Team’s mission to bring smiles to the faces of all the children in Pediatrics.

Tampa Santa ClausHelp them out and make a donation to support the noble work they do.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Physical Therapy Sessions

Santa Ken Tampa Florida

Santa Ken was the Santa Claus at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for 5 years. But in recent years his visits have been virtual. There is a special place in his heart for one little girl, who was told by her physicians that she would never be able to walk. That little girl was not having any of that nonsense and she set out to prove the doctors wrong! Now she walks with a purple walker and for the last two years, she has had encouragement from Santa Ken during her last physical therapy session of the year. This beautiful child can walk with the help of her walker, but only on her tippy toes because of the tightness in her muscles. Last year she told Santa Ken that she was no longer going to call her time with the therapist a therapy session. Now when she goes to the hospital and does her exercises with the therapist, she calls the visits BALLET LESSONS! What could be a better Christmas gift than to know that my little friend has such a positive outlook on life even though she started from such a tough beginning.

For Santa Ken, there is no better gift than to see the smile on the face of a sick child. To see the child full of the Christmas Spirit is truly a Christmas Miracle.

Hospice Visits.

Santa Ken is available to provide visits for Hospice Patients. Special Arrangements can be made by contacting Santa Ken Directly. These can be both the easiest and the hardest moments for Santa. The truth is very simple. Very Sick Children and very sick adults just need Santa To be Santa. Memories for the loved ones left behind can bring a smile, a tear and warm heart for many years to come. Please let Santa Ken know if you need him.

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