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COVID 19 Safety Note

Hire Santa Ken for your in-home, and or in person events without delay. Santa Ken will only schedule one live in person event per day, so book now if you are interested. Santa Ken will wear a clean, sanitized, Santa Suit, gloves, and boots for each visit. Santa Ken will need some time between visits to ensure the safety of your guests, your children and your home. Santa Ken has both vaccinations and will get the booster as soon as it is available, but certainly before coming into your home, office, event or indoor Holiday activity.

The Most Fun Santa Party Ever!

Join Santa and Mrs. Claus for Elf training and Santa Claus Tryouts!

Become an Elite Member of Santa’s Elf Team 6 and become a Junior Santa Claus in training!

Attention Elves and those with Elfen Potential!  Learn to Dance, play the Kazoo, enjoy Flight Lessons for Junior Santas, Meet Santa and Mrs Claus, hear some great Santa Stories and Secrets about the North Pole. Learn How Rudolph Saved Christmas, see MAGIC, and have FUN!

Every Elf between the age of 3 and 10 will receive a Santa Beard, Santa Hat, Kazoo and Certificate to show they are Members of Elf Team 6 and they have achieved the status of “ Junior Santa.” Santa really likes to talk about being good. Let Santa Ken talk to your family about how great it can be to help out like an Elf and to be Good like Santa. Santa stands for Love, Giving, Generosity, and Compassion. Dont you want some helpful, loving children and grown ups at your house? Not only for Christmas, but all year long! The Santa Ken Santa Party is a full one hour event and specifically designed for kids from the ages of 3-10 years old. The maximum number of Elf Trainees is 25 per party. This is a great Party for your home, church, corporate event, country club, scout troop, banquet or anywhere else you can imagine. Bring a little North Pole to your event this year and create memories for years to come.  Be sure to take some time to get some Pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus and your whole family. The pictures with the children in the Santa Hats with the Santa Beards are especially wonderful to share on your social media feed and to send to GrandParents and relatives the world over.


Home Visits  with Santa Claus in St Petersburg

Hire Santa Ken for your Home Visits today! (Please note the Covid 19 Safety Protocols above)

 If you are not comfortable with an in person Santa Visit, Click on the Virtual Appearances and Schedule a virtual visit today.

Home visits with Santa create cherished memories that will last forever. What could be more special than welcoming Santa Claus into your home at the holidays?

When Santa arrives for his 15 -30 minute visit to your home, he will wait at the front door. It is always best to have the children invite Santa in. Charles Howard, the original Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Santa and Founder of the Charles Howard Santa School said it best. “One errs when they assume that Santa first enters through the Chimney. Santa enters first through the heart.”

Once inside your home, Santa can help light your Christmas Tree, listen to the children, share some original stories, read a few more and do a little bit of Christmas Magic. He can give toys to everyone, and pose for some fun family pictures. That can all be decided before Santa arrives. Santa Ken is an expert on North Pole facts! Ask him anything you want! He loves to talk about his magic bag, how he delivers toys in one night, how Rudolph Saved Christmas and he can tell you about his workshops. Have you ever wondered why a toy from Santa might say “Made in Canada” or any other country in the world? Ask Santa! Do you have a pre teen or tween child hoping for a cell phone? Santa has the answers!

Did you know that Santa Ken is a highly skilled, certified, Candy Cane Eating Instructor? Let Santa Ken teach your kids the art of eating a candy cane. They can also determine if they are on the NICE list just by tasting the Candy Cane!.

While there, be sure to ask Santa about the Nice List Meter! Santa Ken does not believe in shaming children. You are either on Santa’s Nice list, or you are still learning. (Be sure to tell Santa all about the behaviors you would like to praise and the ones you want to improve!) If you really want a good laugh, Santa will always put Dad and or Grandpa on the Naughty List! Dads and Grandpas or Uncles and Aunts have been around long enough to know better. During a home visit Santa might put some naughty grownups on the naughty list 3 or 4 times! But even the naughty adults can be redeemed when they apologize for doing things like stealing Santa’s cookies when the kids go to bed or peeking at the gifts before Christmas Morning.

Does your family or a specific member of your household want a new pet this year? Ask Santa! Santa has all the answers, especially when you share your thoughts with Santa upfront.

When it is time to go, Santa will ring his bells, sing a last song and back out of your home waving goodbye-for now-to your children. If you have a balance due of care to offer a gratuity to Santa, please put that into a Christmas Card and offer that to Santa as he goes.

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