Santa Ken was Amazing!

Though I was a little bit nervous to video chat with Santa, it was even more exciting to talk with him about my Christmas list. His magical ring was the coolest. I was also surprised to learn that he spends time in the tropics to warm up before making with round the world trip!

Anya F Age 8

Santa Ken Was Great

Santa brought a true glow to our eight-year-old daughter’s face. What a memorable and thoughtful conversation they both had. No inquisitive questions stumped the North Pole legend, and he truly demonstrated his magical abilities with some pointed questions himself about her Christmas list and naughty versus nice behaviors with family and friends. An exceptional experience for all!

Anya’s Mom, Cheryl

Santa Ken Was Awesome!

Sorry I missed you, but heard everything went great. Ken I can’t thank you enough on behalf of our family! You made a big Christmas memory! God bless you.

Brian B

Santa Ken Was Great

Omg!!! You completely made their whole year.. Thank you so very very much!!!!!!!!

Kathy Schiavo

Anthony’s Mom after a Virtual call for the third year in a row. Anthony, his sister and the whole family are now Friends of Santa! 

Anthony wanted me to send you his Christmas Tree outfit

Kathy Schiavo


I highly recommend Santa Ken for all of your jolly needs

I had first met Santa Ken in Florida. He flew by me on his red electric bike, he was there to enjoy a peek of the Gulf of Mexico. Ken was wearing a red sweatshirt and his red bike helmet. It was his fluffy white beard and his jolly smile that made me want to meet Ken. I asked him if he was Santa and he exclaimed in a jolly voice “Why yes I am!!!!” I’ve had the pleasure to work with Santa Ken on numerous occasions for my SeaShellen Greeting Card line. He is fun, jolly and always in character. He was always up for all of my creative ideas
Ellen Schneider

Santa Ken Was Great

My little nieces and nephews have never forgotten their magical virtual Santa experience. It has kept their spirit alive for years and your personal touches make all the difference for their engagement. I can’t wait to schedule another one this year!