Personal Appearances

Hire Santa Claus for your Holiday and Christmas Events in St Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Tierre Verde, Pass a Grill, Safety Harbor, Pass a Grill, St Pete Beach, Old North East, Snell Island Virtual Santa Visits with Santa Claus Santa Ken’s Virtual Event Studio is all new, with an upgraded camera, new sound equipment, studio lighting and Magic Animated backgrounds with roaring fires at the hearth and scenes from the North Pole Aurora Borealis Room. The 2021 Holiday Season will be Santa Ken’s most exciting season yet! Santa Ken’s Virtual Visits have taken a huge leap forward from the iPad and Cell Phone Videos from past seasons. Santa Ken’s Virtual Visit Calendar is filling up fast, so click the link for Santa Claus Appearances in the Bar above to book your time NOW! Don’t get on the naughty list with the kids and the grandkids! Put your Jammies On, Get your Mug of Hot Cocoa, Eat a Cookie and HO HO HO! Saint Nick is right there in your Living Room! Santa Ken can also schedule group events with you to bring your family together from all over on one call. Special Rates for multi-location Events. His Santa Photography studio and Santa Claus Family Pictures  dates are filling up fast with Emily Hite Photography as well. Schedule your Mini Family and Santa Christmas Sessions with Emily at Emily Hite Photography LLC.  Cell Phone Number 610-360-8609.