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Hire Santa Ken in the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Tierra Verde, Pass a Grill, Sarasota areas, and throughout Florida and beyond, for your Parade Santa Claus Needs, Santa.


Santa Claus for Tampa - St Petersburg parades

Santa Claus for Tampa - St Petersburg parades


What are some of the things that Santa Ken thinks about and says when he is a Santa Claus Parade Santa at Walt Disney World or anywhere else he has portrayed the Character of Santa Claus?

When you Hire Santa Ken he is mindful of many things, including;

Conveying his Santa Heart-The Big Picture

  • First and foremost, the Santa parade is for the children. They are watching his every move. Very simply, Santa Ken knows to BE SANTA! Always. Santa Ken has the ability to Bring out that unexpected child-like enthusiasm in every guest. Even the most jaded for any Christmas Parade and Christmas Event.
  • In any Santa Claus Parade, Santa Ken always looks side to side and in front of him on the Parade vehicle. Every Single Child should feel like they are speaking to Santa Claus and that Santa Ken is speaking to THEM. Santa Ken, the Parade Santa makes Eye contact. Santa Claus does not ignore anyone. Seeks out the shy kids and makes a connection so that everyone can feel the Spirit of Christmas!
  • Santa Ken SMILES when he is talking as a Parade Santa and when he is not talking.
  • Santa Ken’s Santa Heart is Energized, but not Manic. Santa Ken knows how to Animate and to bring out the Spirit of Christmas!
  • Santa Ken Connects with everyone along the Parade He is Jolly, Lively, Quick, and Charismatic.
  • Santa is always POSITIVE. Santa Ken’s Jolly Laugh and Giggle will make everyone Ho Ho Ho with pure Santa Delight!
  • Loving, Generous, Giving, Compassionate and Magical are all words that have been used by Festive Parade Fans at every Santa Ken Parade.
  • During a Christmas Parade, Santa Ken knows he has the chance to help someone forget all the problems of the world for a moment and connect to their inner child, the Christmas Spirit, their family, and to a memory of a loved one who is gone. In a Christmas Parade Santa Ken feels the weight and the joy of the moment He works hard to be THE BEST SANTA EVER!

Santa Ken Florida Parades

Awareness of his Look and Details of Santa Claus’s appearance. Santa Ken knows;

  • Be PRECISE, Be Perfect, Every Set, Every Day
  • Check your Costume
  • Check your boots and belt. Is it all lined up?
  • Check your beard. Whiten as needed throughout the season
  • Don’t Smoke in your costume. Ever
  • If you wear gloves in your park, make them bright white or change as needed.
  • Change down to your T Shirt and Underwear as often as needed. (I did the shirt after EVERY set. You need to bring plenty) If you don’t have a fan backstage-ask for one. Remove your Jacket and dry between sets-even turn it inside out!
  • Let Cosmology do their thing! They are GREAT! Same with costuming.
  • Costume fittings are no joke. Let the costume shop do what they do and appreciate them. They Love SANTA—most of the time! Don’t be THAT Santa!

His Santa Claus Event Voice.

  • Practice good breathing exercises.
  • Project from your diaphragm.
  • Let the Mic work for you. You will kill your voice otherwise. When you have an initial soundcheck during rehearsal, relax and speak properly. Don’t kill your voice, work with your Mic and Audio Pack. The Audio guy is your friend. Let them do their thing. You can’t hear you, they can.
  • Learn how your mic and audio pack work. You may need to fix it mid-set. Ask a question. The Driver/Tec is a great resource. Get to know them.
  • Carry water on the boat (Disguise bottle-Maybe A mint stripe of Santa Mug) Keep Lozenges available.

The Animation is Santa Claus Event and Santa Claus Parade Body Movements

  • Different by Vehicle and Park
  • Get the Audience to practice Their HO HO HO, Heart Hands, Whisper Motion, Hand over Heart, Air Hugs. Teens want the “DAB,” give it to them!
  • Let the costumes work for you. The Costumes will help to emphasize your motion. A slow movement of the hands is exaggerated by the sleeve of the coat. Play with it.
  • Always be moving, waving, and connecting!
  • Santa in a Parade needs to emphasize movement more, make it bigger. Learn the Fake-hint left to go right.
  • Your movements are living animation. Play to the crowd near and far. Santa’s motions are BIGGER in a parade!

He carefully considers What Would Santa Say and What are the things Santa Claus would never say during his time as a Santa Claus Parade Santa?

Things Santa Ken Would Say as a PARADE SANTA
Happy Holidays!

  • Merry Christmas
  • Ho Ho Ho!
  • Have a Magical Christmas
  • I’m so excited! Christmas is coming!
  • You look so Festive!
  • (Point at a group of Children) YOU have been so GOOD!
  • (Point at a group of Children) I’m so proud of YOU!
  • I can feel the Christmas Spirit! Everyone says I BELIEVE!
  • Keep up the great work! You are on the NICE LIST!
  • WOW, I haven’t seen some of you grown-ups in so long! You look GREAT
  • The Key to the Holiday Spirit is in the Hearts of these beautiful Children tonight! Thank you all
  • Santa believes in Love, Giving, and Generosity, Can YOU be more like Santa?
  • Welcome to Christmas MAGIC
  • Have you seen the (Castle/Tree/Decorations/Lights—Aren’t they special? Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?
  • It’s so beautiful to see Families together!
  • Hey is that a JOHN DEER HAT? I have 9 DEER but none named JOHN!
  • Say “Your Majesty” or “YOUR Highness” to a child all dressed up and bow your head.
  • I’m so GLAD TO SEE YOU AWAKE! You were sleeping last Christmas eve when I saw you!
  • WOW Look at all of the ELVES! Magnificent!
  • Talk about Santa topics! Cookies, Elves, Reindeer, North Pole
  • Learn some American Sign Language Santa – (Merry Christmas, I love Christmas Cookie!)

Animal Kingdom

  • Enjoy your Safari Today!
  • Have a festive Trek
  • Can you guess my favorite Animal? RIGHT! The Reindeer!
  • Feliz Navidad! Joyeaux Noel

Hollywood Studios

  • Wow you look so festive, are you a MOVIE STAR?
  • Didn’t I see you in a Christmas Movie?

Magic Kingdom

  • It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!
  • Let IT SNOW!
  • It’s almost Christmas! Put on your Jammys, Get Your COCO, hear my HO HO HO and AWAY WE GO!


  • It’s so lovely to travel around the World here! It feels like Christmas EVE!
  • I can feel the JOY of the Season in every country
  • So many beautiful Christmas Decorations and Traditions from all over the world! I love it!
  • Feliz Navidad! Joyeaux Noel

Things Santa Ken Would Never Say as a PARADE SANTA

  • Don’t suggest that anyone is on the Naughty List.
  • Be as Gender Neutral as Possible.
  • Never ever be negative. No talk about the mask, The Vaccine, politics, or anything else not related to a Santa Topic.
  • Be mindful of what you say!

Everyday and at every Santa Claus Event and Santa Parade, Santa Ken is learning and listening. Santa Ken has Performed the Character over 250 times in Shows at Walt Disney World.

  • There will be Disney people who will give you feedback. Listen to them. Even a 20-year Mickey Mouse gets regular coaching. Accept the help as a gift.
  • The value of the cast members is immeasurable. From when you get your background check, to costuming, to the guard at the gate, to cosmetology to the set manager, drivers/tecs to the people who clean the green room—BE NICE AND RESPECTFUL TO ALL. Santa is a big deal. Feel the weight of that and respect it. Take the selfies (Be careful BACK STAGE and ASK if you are unsure!) Do the video chats with the kids. BE SANTA!
  • Pee before you go on. TRUST ME!
  • The Characters are a great reference. Ask them and they will help you.
  • There is a “WAY” to do things. Disney takes safety very seriously. Know how to “Step on and Step off” your vehicle. Listen to the SAFETY training. It might save your life of the life of another.
  • Do your HOMEWORK! Learn about your park and your parade. Consider how many people designed, built, decorated, maintained, are required to make the parade work in the Front and Back Stage areas. It’s important to SHOW APPRECIATION for all of it!
  • Guess what!? Something is going to happen! Know where your umbrella is located. Learn how to let the driver know if you have an issue. If you feel sick, sit down and let someone know. It’s HOT in that suit! Drink Water. If you can keep going, keep going.
  • You will be filmed on someone’s phone every second. Be aware and don’t go viral for the wrong reason. MANY photographers from all over the world want your picture. Give them a GOOD ONE!
  • Get to know the show director. They may add some lines and give tips!
  • When you Hire Santa Ken for a Santa Claus Parade and Santa Claus Parade Event, Santa Ken takes time to know his cast member support team. He treats them with respect, his safety depends on it. Santa Ken also takes the time to consider the magic and the people and work that happened BEFORE he arrived. Building a Santa Claus Parade Float and Vehicle takes expertise, time, Imagination, Talent, and months of hard work. Very special skills are required to make a Santa Claus Parade Float not only function, But the Santa Claus Parade Santa and the Santa Parade Float have to work together so that Children, Young and not so young anymore will see Santa and BELIEVE in the Spirit of Christmas and in Santa Claus
  • Santa Ken also studies The Basics. Loading and Unloading a Santa Parade Vehicle is important. , Santa Ken also knows to Be ready for anything! He plans for the weather. Santa Ken thinks about and prepares for What happens when something happens!
  • Some Final Thoughts
    • Up your game, this is Disney. Be Beyond Pro Level!
    • Pasion, Love, Giving, Generosity, Compassion, Joy and so much more are yours to give. It’s what is required at every moment in every location, every day.
    • You have the chance to create a magical moment for families and Children young and not so young anymore. What Is a fleeting moment in time for you, may be the memory of the lifetime for someone else.
    • Believe and celebrate the Magical Spirit of Christmas.

Santa Claus for parades Tampa

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